Here are some Civil War and post-war antique hard rubber buttons. Collectors call these "Goodyear" buttons, but this title is incorrect. Goodyear simply held the patent for a period or time and most examples carry some form of the Goodyear patent back mark. The most common company back marks to find are from: Novelty Rubber Co. (N.R. Co.); India Rubber Comb Co. (I.R.C. Co.) . During the life of the patent Charles Goodyear held (rubber hardening process), all buttons made of hard rubber had to carry evidence of his patent. Many carry just the word Goodyear's and "P=T", an abbreviation for Patent and the year 1851. There are rare back marks and errors which are highly sought by collectors of these rather utilitarian and plain looking buttons. Thanks to: Lise McIntyre, Dick Clark, Jim Hall, Karen Beuning, Lori Plichta, Margaret & Willie Tolbert for these great images. Keep in mind, hard rubber buttons, with the exception of diminutive sizes, are always back marked but not all will carry the Goodyear patent information, those being made after the patent expired. Some dyed/pressed horn buttons are also back marked, if you learn which company names will be on the back of hard rubber buttons (always US made, never French or British as most horn buttons) you should have no trouble identifying the material properly. A hot tool test will reveal a fairly strong rubber smell. Colors vary from black to brownish and there are rare true brown and tan colors. Some hard rubber buttons turn to a brownish color over time and should not be confused for the buttons that were brown from the start. If you'd like to reach me for questions or comments, just click here to e-mail me, Carol:

One of the most desired of all hard rubber buttons, The Falcon Huntress. Desirable "49er" patent date (does not mean it was made in 1849 or even 1851, it's a patent mark only) back mark. Thank you Lise McIntyre for this image of a truly illusive button. See larger images click Here; Here.

A whistle is a button with 2 holes on the back and one on the face.

Rare "SH" hunt club button. Have one? Let me know the name of the hunt! Lightened view of the "SH" monogram click Here.

Three collectible US Navy P-Coat Hard Rubber Buttons:

More information about each type below.
Better Image NA-136 (US Navy P-Coat):
NA-136 (Albert):

More information another design below.
Better Image NA-137 (US Navy P-Coat):
NA-137 A (Albert):

Slightly different NA-137 below.
NA-137 B (Albert):

Civil War usage. A hard button to find.

Civil War usage. Berdan's Sharpshooter uniform button. Scarce!

Rare wood decorative finish extra large and medium buttons. Largest is not back marked. Large sold for $300, medium $150. Back mark shown is the medium.

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