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One confusing type of "radiant" is a dewdrop. The images at the left help to describe this type. There are also a few radiants that have the back rib colors, like a dewdrop, but have a smooth (unmolded) face, more like a glory (which always have a smoothly molded face). These types are considered a hybrid and belong in with the radiants unnamed, or "RU's" as they are classsed. (Thanks to Barbara Barrans and Deb Chrowl for the images and information)
scalloped glory
Here's a scarce type of radiant, it's called a "Scalloped Glory". Has a smooth face, molded back and usually you cannot see the applied knob of colored glass on the back because the color is "flashed" inside but still near the shank seat. This is scarce due to it's shape.







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