Here is the first of 4 pages studying "Moonglow" glass buttons. They are a favorite with collectors. Moonglows were made in W. Germany and Czechoslovakia, showing up in the U.S. in 1953. They were made into the 1960's, but eventually all glass buttons fell out of favor and plastics replaced them as being more practical. Some Moonglows are made today for collectors and imported from the Czech Republic. Collectors crave these beautiful buttons made of light-gathering "satin glass" cased on top with clear/colorless glass. To be a moonglow, there must be "some amount" (per NBS classification notation) of clear/colorless glass on top. Here are some of the best moonglows you'll ever see! Photos provided by members of the ButtonBytes On-Line Button Club. Please visit their sites linked below and don't miss three more pages of moonglow pictures! Want to buy buttons like these? Visit my Moonglow Glass Buttons for sale page, click here.
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