Here are some examples of "lacy glass". Today many molded glass types can be called this, but at one time collectors only considered clear colorless or clear colored backpainted buttons "lacy glass". Victorian glass and imitation fabric glass designs are often misnamed as lacy glass. Trying to see if some paint remains on the back can help to determine if your button is a true lacy glass. Shanks vary, although those with an embedded 4-way brass box shank and 4 radiating thread grooves will usually indicate the button is the right age to be termed "lacy glass". The National Button society indicates that lacy glass is glass molded with considerable delicacy and may or may not have stippling. Stippling is an effect of high detail molding usually in fine lines such as you may notice on the examples below, on leaf and floral detailing. This is the molding detail which also rather looks like fabric, thus the confusion between lacy glass and imitation fabric buttons. Imitation fabric buttons won't have additional details such as raised, faceted areas or florals other than those which are additionally surface-painted to mimic various fabrics (plaids, watered silk, brocade, etc.). See another page of outstanding Lacy Glass from the fine collection of our late button friend Jane Schneider, just click here. If you have questions or comments, click here to e-mail me: Click here to see a tray of small lacy glass I won an award for at the 2001 Calif. State Button Society Show and the 2002 NBS Annual Convention/Show. The 5 shapes that have enhanced this tray are shown closer up below.

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