NBS Clear & Colored Glass Classification Study
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Cl. 55.7: Pierced/ Openwork

Cl. 55.8:

Cl. 55.9:

Cl. 58: Painted

to come

Cl. 60.1: Enameled and/or Painted

Cl. 60.2: Outline, paint and/or luster filled

Cl. 60.3: Frosted (abraded or acid etched)

Cl. 60.4:

Cl. 60.5: Lustered (this is an aurora)
Other lusters are metalic (gold, silver, monochromatic)

Cl. 60.6: Transfer/ Decal

Cl. 60.7: Metalic Back (mercury)

Cl. 65.1: Bound w/ metal or thread

Cl. 65.2: Glass With
Glass (tingue)

Cl. 65.3:

Cl. 65.4: Mirror
Has full width shank plate. Scarce pictorial!

Cl. 65.5:
Watch Crystal

Cl. 65.6: Metal Back incl. Bimini + Bimini Types

Cl. 65.7: Paperback
See back, click here.

Cl. 65.8: Two-Piece Cemented.
Click here for back.

Cl. 65.9: Precision Inlay. Flush Top.

Cl. 65.10: Metal Embellished
(Peg's pix)

Cl. 65.11:
Paste Jewel Embellishment

See 65.1 for one example.

Shapes: Contour example see 60.1
Linear example see 65.8 (oval)


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