NBS Section 3: Clear & Colored Glass Classification Study

Here's a page put together the help of the Button Bytes Club members (see home page for info on joining this on-line chat group) for those interested in studying the NBS Glass Classification Section 3: Clear & Colored Glass. Don't miss the second page. Also, if you have a picture I can use where there is none, let me know please. Click here to contact me: carolc@vintagebuttons.net

Cl. 41.1:

Cl. 41.2: Sew-Thru (Whistle)

Cl. 41.3: 4-Way Metal Box Shank

Cl. 41.4: Rosette Shank

Cl. 44.1: Opaque or Translucent

Cl. 44.2:
White. Includes clambroth, milkglass and other white types.

Cl. 44.3: Transparent Color

Cl. 44.4:

Cl. 44.5: Candy

Cl. 44.6: Goldstone

Cl. 45.0: Clear/colorless. This is lacy glass it has it's own class too CL. 55.4

Cl. 50.1:

Cl. 50.2: Overlay

Cl. 50.3:

Cl. 50.4: Overlay Sheath

Cl. 50.5: Metal embedded

Cl. 50.6: Blown and/or torchwork

Cl. 50.7: Crackle

Cl. 50.8:

Cl. 50.9:
Design Under Glass Surface DUGS. You can't feel this design, it's under the surface.

Cl. 50.10: Foil Embedded

Cl. 50.11: Fused

to come

Cl. 50.13:
Satin Glass

Cl. 55.1: Embossed/
Cameo Embossed

Cl. 55.2: Impressed. Top is shaved-like. Design sunk.

Cl. 55.3: Intaglio
(Reverse Cameo)

Cl. 55.4:

Cl. 55.5: Imitation Fabric

Cl. 55.6:


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