Here are a few buttons that tend to ellude collectors and are highly sought antique "fabric" buttons known as "passementerie". The characteristics of these buttons vary quite a bit. Some were made by weaving metalic or bullion threads into the design. Others feature a thin plate of metal or metalic foil laid over the fabric mold before the process of weaving begins. Small jeweled glass pieces (often opalized) are sometimes used as center trim. The black and white photo came from an old National Button Society Bulletin. If you have questions or comments about this page, click here to contact me:

Row 1: (a) Silk over wooden mold w/overlaid needlework and beading; (b) hand-embroidered, set in metal; (c) Hand-embroidered blue silk, gathered over wooden mold.
Row 2: (a) Crocheted square; (b) Passementerie, silver lustered black glass beads, crocheted ruffle border; (c) Passementerie bordered with steel beads; (d) Crochet over wood mold, a whistle!
Row 3: (a) Crochet netting over silk, wooden mold; (b) Braided gimp oval; (c) Machine-woven and embroidered satin.
Row 4: (a) Jacquard-weave thread-back; (b) Tie-silk.
Row 5: Molded tops: (a) Buckle, pad back; (b) Leaf, thread back; (c) Diamond, pad back.
Row 6: (a) Brass escutcheon, grapes on velvet, crocheted border; (b) Black glass center, moon & star, pad back.


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