I've loved vintage, hand-tooled, colorful celluloid buttons since I started collecting. I'll bet you love them too! Here are some examples of the types I love best! Some are Marion Weeber designs, some aren't. It's hard to tell for sure which are actually her design but you can see some verified Weeber designs on the next page, see candle image link near the bottom of this page. Either way, they are all great. The buttons below are from a friend's collection and a few trays I submitted for state and national judging, you'll see how the tray evolved from year to year. Also shown is an image of "ruined celluloids" along with some useful information below. Comments? e-mail Carol:

Weeber Like

Below is a tray of "Weeber & Weeber-Like Celluloid" buttons that I won Second Place in competition for at the NBS Annual Convention held in Denver, August, 2001:

Here are some more hand-tooled celluloids, just click the pix name to see each one:
Pix 1
Pix 2
Pix 3

A similar tray to the one above was submitted for judging at the California State Button Society Annual Convention in May, 2000, click below to see it. I won first place there. In August of 2000 I submitted the same CA winning tray at National and, along with all the other competitors, was disqualified. Seemed the judges did not have enough succinct judging criteria to award any prizes. The award was refined for 2001 and that's the tray I won second place on that is shown above. See the first try below. Keep in mind, just because you win an award at a State venue doesn't mean your tray will pass muster at National. I learned that one the hard way! Click here full tray and here close-up.

These celluloids are on the way to complete crystallization which causes them to fall apart. Some believe this "disease" is catchy, so keep any celluloids that look like any of these away from your other celluloids. This is caused by age, the unstable nature of celluloid plastic, storage with other materials and particularly metals and heat/humidity. Take care of your celluloids, do not store in airtight containers and let them breathe. If you do they should not develop these problems.

Like buttons designed by Marion Weeber? I've done a study that shows actual store cards that carry her designer sticker and old NBS and "Just Buttons" articles to determine if that button you have is really a Weeber! Just click the Weeber Candle below to see that study page or return to the Button Information Index to see the study.

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