Marion Weeber Buttons Study

One of the most talented industrial designers of the 1940s-50s era was Marion Weeber whose button designs were marketed under the "La Mode" brand by B. Blumenthal Button Co. Ms Weeber designed many other items including well marked jewelry and metal decorative home goods and she was an artist of paintings! On this page I am concentrating on proven Weeber designs that came from original store cards with the "Weeber label" or with her name printed right on the salesman sample card. Those examples and some documented in early issues of the National Button Bulletin are shown here. In my opinion, if it's not here it's not likely "a Weeber" although many claims by those who cannot prove it are made all over the Internet and at button shows far and wide. For me if it's hand tooled celluloid it's certainly "Weeber like" and unless you know for sure, please say "Weeber like" when selling such buttons. Not all hand tooled celluloids are worthy of the Weeber design attribution. Do you have a Weeber stickered or printed original store card image to contribute to this page? If so, e-mail me at: ig clicking the e-mail does not lead back to your own e-mail program, just copy my address here and include it when you write me a note from your own e-mail:

This label was included on many La Mode button sets designed by Marion Weeber.

Oh wow wish I had found this awesome card of Weeber candle buttons!

Original Weeber stickered La Mode store carded yarn skein w/knitting needles button design.
Here's some old snippets from the National Button Society Bulletin documenting Weeber designs which were very popular at the time they were sold and for decades after, in some cases these articles simply inform the membership a new Weeber set was out on the market (referred to often as Weeber Deluxe due to the fanfare accompanying the release of new designs and the steep pricing at the time)

A button from the set on the left.

Various vegetables in same bushel basket as those on the right, but they look like plums.
Hard to find metal Weeber designed buttons:

All metal not "metalized celluloid"


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